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All customer information obtained from this website is CONFIDENTIAL and is not shared with outside or third parties. AgriTab Corporation does not maintain or keep credit card information after a purchase has been processed and shipped. Every new order requires the customer to provide new credit card billing information. All credit card information is encrypted and protected via secure socket layer (SSL) technology throughout the ordering and payment process.

While AgriTab Corporation tries to insure the accuacy of all website and product information, AgriTab Corporation makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of any such information. AgriTab Corporation makes no warranty and is not liable, expressed or implied, to any Third pary products and information displayed and/or sold through the AgriTab Corporation website. website information and images are copyrighted and may only be displayed and/or printed for personal use only. No website information and/or images are to be copied, printed, and/or transferred to other electronic media, without written authorization from AgriTab Corporation.

To the best of our knowledge, all the AgriTab Corporation products available on our website are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and Safe to Use if product label information is followed exactly. AgriTab Corporation makes no claims, expressed or implied, to the usage, handling, storage, and safety of its products and information. AgriTab Corporation makes no claims, expressed or implied, to the usage, handling, storage, and safety of Third Party products and informatin offered on the website. All product warranties are the responsibility of the product manufacturer.

Notice - the purchaser and/or user should always follow product label handling, usage, storage, and safety instructions as indicated by the manufacturer. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available from AgriTab Corporation or the product manufacturer. Some AgriTab products have a stamped 'Use By' date on the product package. It is the responsibility of the product purchaser and/or user to use the product before the 'Use By' date as indicated. AgriTab does not warrant or accept returned products that are beyond the 'Use By' date required.

TRADEMARKS, website information, and website images are trademarks of AgriTab Corporation. AgSafe, Aquatic-Tabs, Aquatic-Spikes, Throw-Tabs, Pond-Pearls, Drip-Tabs, Orchid-Mist, Orchid-Pearls, Cactus-Mist, Cactus-Pearls, Violet-Mist, Violet-Pearls, Palm-Mist, and Palm-Pearls are trademarks of AgriTab Corporation. All other product brand trademarks are the trademarks of their respective companies.

Any quesstions regarding AgriTab Corporation terms, policies, security, warranties, etc. should be addressed to AgriTab Corporation by mail or by phone at 1-801-928-3730.
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