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AgSafe SuperMYCO™ Biofertilizer Organics Tree Stakes Landscape Box (50ct)

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Item Number: STKT101L
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AgSafe® SuperMYCO™ Biofertilizer Organics Tree Stakes Landscape Box (50ct)
Special 15-3-3 fertilizer stake for feeding all types of trees an shrubs.  Stakes are coated with iron, micronutrients, organics, sea kelp extracts, and mycorrhizae (24 species).  Also contains iron chelate to help alleviate iron chlorosis (leaf yellowing).  Promotes strong green growth and better rooting nutrient uptake.  Better than ordinary tree stake brands.

For best results, apply stakes in Early Spring or Late Fall.  New Plantings - Place stakes around the root ball area.  Apply 1-2 stakes for every 2" of tree trunk diameter or for every 2 ft. of tree or shrub plant canopy spread.  Established Plantings - Use a Tree Stake Planting Bar -or- use a hammer to drive the stake (with cap) into the soil, so the stakes are below the soil surface, and stakes are located around the dripline area.  Apply 1 stake for every tree calipher or per 1 ft. of shrub plant spread.   Drench soak soil with water to activate each stake to release nutrients.  Repeat stake feeding applications twice a year or when needed.

Technical Information - Special Stake coating protects the mycorrhizae during stake insertion and hammer pounding.  It also protects the mycorrhizae from the stake fertilizer salts and increases growth viability.
More Technical Information (pdf)...

STKT101L AgSafe SuperMYCO™ Biofertilizer Organics Tree Stakes Landscape Box
10 Bags of 5 Stakes (100g each) with a Plastic Cap
Net Weight: 12 lbs.
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Patent Pending.  Trademarks:  AgSafe SuperMYCO is a trademarks of AgriTab Corporation. 
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