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AgSafe Pond-Pearls™ Once-A-Year Pond Plant Food Retail Bottle Case

Wholesale Price: $86.40
Item Number: A203
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AgSafe Pond-Pearls™ Once-A-Year Pond Plant Food Retail Bottle Case
Special 15-13-13 polymer-coated pond plant food feeds starter waterlilies and all types of pond plants for entire growing season (8-9 mo TYPE 270).  Our polymer-coating technology is designed for consistent underwater nutrient release; unlike, other polymer-coated fertilizers that are terrestrial based coatings that release too soon and are erratic in underwater applications.  Contains Organics, Humates, Sea Kelp extracts for natural growth hormones and vitamins, Plant extracts relieve plant and environmental stress - especially during plant spitting and repotting, and Beneficial Bacteria to expand rooting, digest sludge, and improve water clarity.  Ideal for pond plant repotting, starter propagation, feeding established bog, marginals, potted Lotus, Island Floating Planters, and other shallow water plants.  Fish and Aquatic Life Safe.  Will not cause Algae Growth and Water Cloudiness.  Professional Gowers Choice for Year Long Feeding.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES & BENEFITS Over Osmocote® and Nutricote®:
o  Aquatic Polymer-coating releases nutrients consistently - unlike Osmocote® underwater erratic release
o  No Environmental Plastic Shells from Nutricote® - may be mistaken as snail eggs for koi fish and may clog water filters! 
o  Contains organics, plant growth hormones, 76 trace minerals, plant stress extracts, beneficial bacteria, etc.

SUGGESTED APPLICATION*: New Plantings:  Sprinkle Pond-Pearls™ on a layer of aquatic soil media next to plant roots during planting -or- simply disperse AgSafe Pond-Pearls™ within aquatic soil media during planting new pond plant starters.  Do Not Top Dress - Place in Soil for maximum effectiveness.  AgSafe Pond-Pearls™ will Not Burn Roots.   Apply 1 tsp (8g) for 2-4" aquapots and 1 TBSP (18g) for 5-6" pots.  Apply 2 TBSP (36g) for every gallon size pot or for every 1 ft. of floating plant spread.  Some Shallow Water Plants: like bog, marginals, potted Lotus, etc. - can sprinkle AgSafe Pond-Pearls™ into water as a Top Dress - use 1/2 dosage or less.  Some sensitive pond plants may require 1/2 dosage rates.  No other fertilizer feeding until next repotting or until next growing season.  Some Professional Aquatic Growers use AgSafe Pond-Pearls™ for Fall Feeding and Propagation - Slowly releases nutrients in Fall and increases nutrients when pond water temperatures rise in the Spring. Use AgSafe Aquatic-Tabs®, or Aquatic-Spikes™ Once-A-Year Food Spikes for follow-up feeding.

o Attractive Clear Bottle - High Impulse Buy Item
o Good Companion Sell Item with New Plants
o Less Shelf Space - Good Retail Profit Margins
o Better Plant Performance...Priced Less than Other Brands

A203 AgSafe Pond-Pearls™ Pond Plant Food Retail Bottle Case
12 Bottles, 1 lb. Bottle, Includes Measuring Spoon
Each Bottle Feeds 25 small 5-6" pond plant starters for an entire growing season 8-9 months.
MSRP $11.99
Wholesale Case Price: $86.40 ($7.20 per Bottle)
(Price includes Shipping Charges)
Continental U.S. Orders ONLY.  International Orders, including HI, AK, PR, etc. - CALL
*Disclaimer: As with all fertilizer plant food products, it is best to use the product at the suggested application rates described; however, it is your responsibility to fine tune the proper feeding amounts to obtain the best plant performance.
Trademarks - AgSafe Pond-Pearls, Aquatic-Tabs, and Aquatic-Spikes are trademarks of AgriTab Corporation.  Osmocote is a trademark of Everris.  Nutricote is a trademark of Chisso-Asahi Fertilizer Co.  AgSafe polymers were developed by Keysor-Century Chemcial Corporation.

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