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AgSafe Iron24™ Fertilizer Tablets Bulk Box (700ct, 15gm)

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AgSafe Iron24™ Fertilizer Tablets Bulk Box (700ct, 15gm)
Special 5-0-0 iron fertilizer formulation supplies the highest iron (24%) to produce lush dark green leaves and correct iron chlorosis (starter leaf yellowing) for all types of trees and shrubs for up to 2 years.  Contains 3 types of polymer release iron - fast acting chelate for fast absorption, soluble for normal nutrient release, and sucrate for consistant long-term feeding.

4 in 1 - Complete Nutrient Tablet
o  Polymer release Iron nutrients - feeds up to 2 years
o  Organics and Humates - builds poor soils and adjust soil pH for better nutrient uptake
o  Sea Kelp and Plant Extracts - supplies natural plant growth hormones, vitamins, and 76 trace minerals
o  'SuperMYCO™' Mycorrhizae - benefical soil bacteria to expand rooting and increase nutrient uptake
No Granular Fertilizer 'Runoff Waste' - Better for Environment - Meets Landscape Architect Specifications

TREES & SHRUBS SUSCEPTIBLE TO IRON DEFICIENCY (Iron chlorosis - leaf yellowing):
Trees:  Pin Oak, Silver Maple, Baldcypress, Crabapple, Sweet Gum, White Pine, Elm, London Planetree, Cottonwood, Walnut, Sugar Maple, Eastern Redcedar, Bradford Pear, Willow, Palms, and Citrus.
Shrubs: Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Blueberries, Roses, Grapes, and other acid-loving shrubs. 

SUGGESTED APPLICATION*: Best to apply iron tablet treatment in Fall or Early Spring before new leaf buds appear. 
Bareroot Trees, Shrubs, Roses, etc. - Place Iron24™ tablet(s) into planting hole near edge of roots.  Apply 1-2 tablets per inch of tree trunk diameter (calipher) -or- per 1 ft. of shrub planrt canopy.  Tablets will not burn new roots.
Container Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Perennials, etc. - Place tablet(s) in container soil near edge of container about 2-3" deep.  Apply 1-2 tablets per gallon size plant container.
Large Box and Burlap Trees, etc. - Place tablets in soil about 3-4" deep near box edge and surrounding burlap root area.  Apply 2 tablets per box size or per burlap root diameter.
Established Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Perennials, etc. -  Punch holes in soil about 3-4" deep, along dripline area evenly spaced circular pattern.  Insert one tablet in each hole.  Apply 2 tablets for every 1" of tree trunk diameter (calipher) or for every 1 ft. of shrub plant canopy spread.
Palms - Punch holes in soil about 2-3' deep and about 6" away from Palm trunk.  Apply 1-2 tablets per trunk diameter (calipher).

Activate tablets with a good drench soak.  For azaleas and other severe chlorosis susceptible plants, you may have to increase the number of tablets.  Most situations, one treatment will help correct iron chlorosis for two years; however, it may be necessary to repeat an iron treatment the following next season until iron deficiency is corrected with new leaves exhibiting dark green color.  Severe situations may require yearly treatments.

DO NOT USE AgSafe Iron24™ Tablets in Drip Irrigation filters and Liquid Spray systems - tablet insolubles may clog drip emitters and spray nozzles - best to use AgSafe Drip-Tabs™ with hydroponic high soluble fertilizer ingredients and drip emitter calcium deposit dissolvers -or- use AgSafe Green-Up™ Iron Chelate Foliar Spray for quick results.

IRON24 - AgSafe Iron24™ Fertilizer Tablets Bulk Box
700 Tablets, 15gm each, Weight: 26 lbs.
U.S. and Canada Shipping - Call for International

Disclaimer - As with any fertilizer plant food product, it is best to use the product at the suggested application rates described; however, it is your responsibility to fine tune the proper feeding amounts to obtain the best plant performance.
Trademarks: AgSafe, Iron24, and SuperMYCO™ are trademarks of AgriTab Corporation.  

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