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AgSafe Aquatic-Tabs® 10-26-10 Pond Biofertilizer Organics Tablets Bulk Bag (900ct, 5g)

Wholesale Price: $59.95
Item Number: A106L
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AgSafe Aquatic-Tabs® 10-26-10 Pond Biofertilizer Organics Tablets Bulk Bag (900ct, 5g)
Special 10-26-10 aquatic biofertilizer formulation feeds waterlilies and all types of pond plants for 30-45 days.  Contains micronutrients, organics, humates build aquatic soil media, sea kelp extracts supply 76 trace minerals and natural growth hormones, plant extracts provide natural saponins to minimize environmental stress, and beneficial pond bacteria for root development - algae control - pond water clarity.  No Copper.  No Free Phosphates that may cause algae growth or water cloudiness.  Fish and Aquatic Life Safe.  Professional Aquatic Growers Choice.  Better Ingredients...Better Plant Growth and Blooms.

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SUGGESTED APPLICATION:  New Plantings - Place tablets on a small layer of aquatic soil media, position plant, add remaining aquatic soil media.  Apply 2 tablets per gallon size plant.  Drench soak potted plant to release tablet nutrients.  Established Plants -  Insert tablets into aquatic soil media about 3" away from plant crown and about 3" deep.  Apply 2 tablets per gallon size plant.  Cover tablet holes.  Repeat feeding every 30-45 days, or when needed.  For marginals and bog plants, feed every 6 weeks. Fall Application - Splitting & Potting - Apply one tablet for small starter pots and 2 tablets per gallon size pots.  Tablets will slowly fortify plant and roots during cooler pond water temperatures and will release nutrients very slowly for about 3-4 months or more depending on the temperatures (also see item A113L or A115L products).
LOTUS Plant Feeding Tablets

A106L  Grower Bulk Bag, Net Weight: 10 lbs.
900 Tablets (5gm ea) Net Weight: 10 lbs.
Ideal for Growers, Pond Maintenance, and Landscapers
Enough Feeding for 450 one gallon size plants.
Wholesale Bulk Price: $59.95
(Price Includes U.S. Priority Shipping Charges) - Call for International

Purchasing Agreement - By purchasing these bulk tablets you agree to use them for your Own Growing Purchases and shall not repackage, redistribute, and/or resale.  By purchasing this product you agree and accept these terms.

Disclaimer:  As with all fertilizer plant food products, it is best to use the product at the suggested application rates described; however, it is your responsibility to fine tune the proper feeding amounts to obtain the best plant performance.  AgriTab reserves the right to cancel any bulk product order.  Trademarks: AgSafe Aquatic-Tabs is a trademark of AgriTab Corporation.

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