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AgSafe Aquatic-Tabs® 15-15-10 Lotus Pond Biofertilizer Organic Tablets Bulk Bag

Wholesale Price: $59.95
Item Number: A112L
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AgSafe® Lotus Pond Biofertilizer Organic Tablets Bulk Bag
Special 15-15-10 polymr-release biofertilizer formulation feeds all types of lotus, water iris, and other large container pond plants for 5-6 months. Contains organics, micronutrients, humates, sea kelp extracts, and plant extracts. Binary Feeding Technology - Quick initial nutrient release followed by consistant polymer release nutrients when pond temperatures rise.  High iron and chelates promote dark green leaves.  Polymer release produce long lasting maximum blooms.  Fish and Aquatic Life Safe.

SUGGESTED APPLICATION: For best results, use AgSafe® Lotus tablets during the Spring growing season, during potting, or Fall Propagation.  Apply 1-2 tablets per gallon size plant container (see 'More Technical Information' product sheet).  Ideal for Fall Propagation - apply tabs with the new tubers in Fall, fortifies roots in Fall and before dormancy, releases most nutrients in Early Spring when pond temperatures rise.

o Convenient Tablet Saves Planting Labor Time and Costs - No Wasted Time Measuring Messy Granular Fertilizers
o Ideal for Feeding Lotus, Water Iris, Marginals, Bog, Wetland Restorations, and Other Heavy Eater Pond Plants
o Better Consistant Feeding then popular polycote granular fertilizers
o High Quality Hard Tablets Won't Crumble in Wet Hands
o Low Economical Bulk Tablet Price

A112L Bulk Bag
200 Tablets, 21 gm (large) each, Net Weight: 13 lbs. Not for Resale
Enough for 100+ Lotus, Water Iris, or Large Pond Plants feeding for 5-6 Months!
Economical Lotus Plant Feeding: $0.15 per Month (3 gal pot, 3 tabs - feeds 6 months)
Wholesale Bulk Price: $59.95
(Price Includes U.S. Priority Shipping Charges) - Call for International

*Purchasing Agreement - These bulk tablets are for your Own Growing Purposes Only and are Not for Repackaging, Resale, and/or Redistribution. By purchasing this product, you agree to these terms. AgriTab Corporation reserves the right to cancel any bulk products orders.

Disclaimer: As with all fertilizer plant food products, it is best to use the product at the suggested application rates described; however, it is your responsibility to fine tune the proper feeding amounts to obtain the best plant performance.
Trademarks: AgSafe Aquatic-Tabs is a trademark of AgriTab Corporation.

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AgSafe Aquatic-Tabs® 20-10-10 Lotus Pond Biofertilizer Organic Tablets Grower Bulk Box
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