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AgSafe® Aquarium Plant Root Tablets Retail Bottle Case (24 Bottles, 25ct)

Wholesale Price: $96.40
Item Number: AQM101
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AgSafe® Aquarium Plant Root Tablets Retail Bottle Case (24 Bottles, 25ct)
Supplement 3-0-6 nutrient tablets inserted in the aquarium gravel or substrate beds near aquarium plant roots help to promote strong roots and lush green leaves.  Feeds all types of aquarium plants for 60 days.  OMRI natural ingredients - heat-treated blood meal for nitrogen source; high iron (15%) sucrates; natural langenite minerals supply potassium and magnesium; sea kelp extracts supply 76 trace minerals, natural growth hormones, vitamins, and amino acids; yucca extracts supply natural saponins and help plants resist environmental stress; Sri Lanka Laterite Clay for good nutrient cation exchange.

Complete nutrient tablet - No need to add supplemental liquids.  Fish and Aquatic Life Safe when used as directed.  Will Not cause Algae Growth nor Cloudy Water.  Better Natural Ingredients ... Better Aquarium Plants!

Suggested Application:  One tablet will feed plant roots in a 2"x2" square area.  Place tablet into roots or just below roots - be sure tablets are completely inserted in aquarium gravel or substrate.  You should notice darker new starter leaves within 3-4 weeks.  If leaves begin to have brown edges - then too much tablet nutrients are applied - remove excess tablets and use half dosage (half tablet or increase feeding area 4"x4").  AgSafe® Aquarium Plant Root Tabs will not burn plant roots.  Repeat feeding application when leaves begin to thin, fade, or appear slightly yellow.  As with all fertilizer nutrients for plants, it is best to test various dosage levels to reach the best feeding application.

Compare & Save:
API® Root Tabs (10ct) Retail Price: $5.99 Amazon or $0.60 per tablet feeding
Seachem Flourish™ Tabs (10ct) Amazon Retail Price: $7.42 or $0.74 per feeding
AgSafe® Aquarium Plant Root Tablets Retail Bottle Price: $5.99 or $0.24 per tablet feeding...SAVE!
(CAUTION - New Gelatin Capsules of Osmocote® - the empty osmocote® shells may float and clog water filter systems and resembles snail eggs - Osmocote® releases nutrients faster underwater and contains nitrates which may harm fish lung tissue - we choose not to Compare!)

Package Size:
AQM101 AgSafe® Aquarium Plant Root Tablets Retail Bottle Case
24 Bottles, 25 Tablets per Bottle, 3g each, Net Weight: 2.6 oz. (75g) Bottle
Bottle Tablets feed 12"x30" aquarium gravel bed of plants (spaced one tab per 2"x2" plant area) for 60 days!
U.S. Priority Shipping - Call for International
MSRP: $5.99

Disclaimer:  Compare & Save prices are the current prices offered by various vendors, and are subject to change, and are available for the purchaser of this product to help compare and assist in the buying decision process, and are provided by AgriTab Corporation to the best of their knowledge.  As with all fertilizer nutrient products, it is best to test the application feeding rate on your plants to find the optimum.  AgriTab Corporation limited liablilty extends only to the guaranteed fertilizer analysis of the tablet product and warrants replacement for damages of the product in transit.  The buyer/user of this product is soley responsibile to the usage, storage, disposal, and any plant abnormality results and applications of this product.
Trademark: AgSafe is a trademark of AgriTab Corporation.  API is a trademark of Mars Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Inc.  Seachem Flourish is a trademark of Seachem.  Osmocote is a trademark of The Scotts Company.  All Rights Reserved.  No Website Information Copying.

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