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Company Information
AgriTab Corporation began as AgCal Research Inc. in 1988 to provide formulation expertise to the fertilizer industry in the areas of tablet binders and polymer coatings for time-release fertilizers.  From this research, AgriTab Corporation was established in 1996 to manufacture and supply specialty products that incorporated these technologies.  Today, AgriTab Corporation supplies a large majority of all fertilizer tablets manufactured in the U.S.  Most of the fertilizer tablets and spikes that we manufacture and supply incorporate the polymer coating of fertilizer ingredients to give tablets and spikes a 'true time-release' or 'staged nutrient release' (SNR) of fertilizer nutrients.
Over the past few years.  AgriTab Corporation has successfully developed and supplied specialty tablet and spike products for the growing Pond industry.  This industry is quite unique, in that, the only effective way to successfully feed pond plants is by simple feeding of tablets or spikes to the root zones of most pond plants.  Insertion of a tablet or spike into the plant aquatic soil media is preferred over granular fertilizers.  New generations of products include 'Plant Required Nutrient Release' (PRNR) feeding technology - releases growing nutrients in the beginning of plant growth, followed by a delayed release of high blooming nutrients for optimum plant performance.
AgriTab Corporation also manufactures specialty tablets, spikes, and polymer coated fertilizers in bulk for other companies to repackage and private label.  We offer both fertilizer or chemical based products.  If you're looking for a U.S. source for unique tablets, spikes, polymer coated products - then AgriTab Corporation would like to supply your needs.
AgriTab Corporation
P.O. Box 70410
West Valley, UT 84170
Phone: 1-801-928-3730 Marketing Office (8-5 MST)
Fax: 1-805-435-1849 (secure line for fax orders)
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